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04/06/2012 11:24

The Jewish wall calendar that I purchased for this year of studies on the Jewish Roots of Christianity tells me that today's date is 14 Nisan. This is the day, thousands of years ago, that the first Passover lambs were sacrificed.  It was their blood that was spread on the doorways of the Israelite homes as an invitation to God's protective presence.  It was God's remaining presence that marked the Israelite nation.   They were the ones He was with by fire and cloud.  They were the ones whom He later dwelt among in that special, sacred, holy of holies of the temple.  They were the ones that brought the world the ultimate Passover lamb of Christ whose blood invites God out from behind that torn veil and into our hearts.  It is His blood that saves us from death.  

At sundown tonight, Passover will begin.  Around the world the Haggadah will be recited, and the Seder meal eaten by Jewish people.  Some will recognize that the Messiah it pictures has come, others will not.  But the image remains, even in the elements added later by the rabbis.  Passover is a window for us into the nature, and sovereign plan, of God.  It is a beautifully orchestrated physical enactment of the spiritual reality of Christ.  We can all be enriched by taking a look at the first Passover, Jewish Passover traditions, and the Passover of Christ.

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