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Making it Mine

This is a series of weekly Bible studies for children in 3rd to 6th grades designed to help them grow a faith of their own.  

class resources:

ATTENDANCE CHART.pdf (1260192)

binder cover.pdf (659968)

letter of invitation and schedule.pdf (1168067)

t-shirt transfer.pdf (53952)

studies:  (Many studies are in two parts for ease of download. TIPS files include extra resources for the teacher)

Making it Mine Introduction.pdf (3607498

MiM M1W1 Is God Real John 1-4.pdf (7227003)

MiM M1W2 God's Creative Genius John 5-7.pdf (7108388)

MiM M1W4 The Mystery of God.pdf (5768420)

MiM M2W1 p1-3 The Holy Spirit.pdf (6399306)

MiM M2W1 p4-5 The Holy Spirit.pdf (3416458)

MiM M2W2 p.1-2 Purpose of the Holy Spirit.pdf (4549699)

MiM M2W2 p.3-4 Purpose of the Holy Spirit.pdf (4327268)

MiM M2W3 p1-3 Mystery of the Spirit.pdf (5112756)

MiM M2W3 TIPS p.4 Mystery of the Spirit.pdf (2921638)

MiM M2W4 The Spirit and Me.pdf (1216497)

MiM M2W4 TIPS The Spirit and Me.pdf (1216504)

MiM M3W1 kid's pages Who is Jesus.pdf (5050642)

MiM M3W1 TIPS Who is Jesus.pdf (2078005)

MiM M3W2 kid's pages Jesus the Christ.pdf (2205822)

MiM M3W2 TIPS Jesus the Christ.pdf (291602)

MiM M3W3 kid's pages Jesus the Man.pdf (737052)

MiM M3W3 TIPS Jesus the Man.pdf (117493)

MiM M3W4 kids pages Jesus to Come.pdf (1066325)

MiM M3W4 kid's pages Jesus to Come.pdf (1195963)

MiM M3W4 TIPS Jesus to Come.pdf (368160)

MiM M4W1 kid's pages Who am I.pdf (797841)

MiM M4W1 TIPS Who am I.pdf (3979698)

MiM M4W1 Who am I.pdf (2930087)

MiM M4W2 Superkid.pdf (2793104)

MiM M4W3 What am I for.pdf (1082138)

MiM M4W4 humility and holiness.pdf (724377)

MiM M5W1 GOD AND ME.pdf (588801)

MiM M5W2 THE BIBLE kid's pages.pdf (822558)

MiM M5W2 THE BIBLE.pdf (1581572)

MiM M5W3 PRAYER.pdf (628009)

MiM M5W4 WORSHIP.pdf (1844955)

MiM M6W1 The Church.pdf (1010740)

MiM M6W3 only one path to God.pdf (1402780)

MiM M6W4 How does church work.pdf (1359685)

MiM M7W1 The Journey.pdf (2307050)

MiM M7W2 BRAVING THE DACOITS.pdf (1869651)

MiM M7W3 Step by Step.pdf (987049)

MiM M7W3 Surviving the Doldrums.pdf (986849)

MiM M7W4 What is the goal.pdf (1282383)

MiM M8W1 destination ahead.pdf (1936280)

MiM M8W2 spiritual vision.pdf (1346983)

MiM M8W2 the kingdom of heaven.pdf (1346994)

MiM M8W3 what is hell.pdf (877681)

MiM M8W4 what is heaven.pdf (2139601)

MiM M9W1 come follow me.pdf (1561674)

MiM M9W2 Obedience.pdf (800242)

MiM M10W3 REPENT.pdf (734150)

MiM M10W4 BAPTISM TIPS.pdf (71463)

MiM M11W2 James and Philemon - Faith and Deeds.pdf (2191035)

MiM M11W3 Fair Trade Presentation1.pptx (505542)

MiM M11W4 1and 2 Thess, 1 and 2 Tim, Titus - sharing your faith.pdf (894066)


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