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The Jewish Roots of Christianity

Living in the present reality of Christ makes me have a far greater appreciation for the picture painted by the Old Testament and found in the customs and festivals of the Jewish people. Our God delights in giving us images to show us realities.  Just as Jesus taught with imagery in His parables, so God has used the nation of Israel as a large scale picture postcard to show us who He is. The Jewish nation was not some beta prototype that had to be abandoned because it didn’t work out.  It was always intended as a picture of the reality, the Presence, that would later come.  The New Covenant in Christ is the natural and intended outflow from the people chosen as priests to the world, not a separation or detour from it.  The New Testament is not a replacement of the Old Testament, but a continuation and fulfillment of it.

I am looking forward to this new series of studies that will look at Jewish traditions and customs from a Christian perspective.  Many of them are based on a biblical image that God designed to point toward Christ, and through them we can gain a richer understanding of our Messiah.

For the introductory study:

Introduction to Jewish Roots.pdf (445 kB)

If you would like to print bookmarks for your class that coordinate with the artwork on the lessons, download this pdf file and print on the front and back of cardstock.

bookmark.pdf (975,4 kB)


Tradition.pdf (1,8 MB)

3 Wedding.pdf (1,3 MB)

4 Fence Laws.pdf (1,1 MB)

5 Jewish calendar.pdf (1,5 MB)

7 The First Passover.pdf (2,8 MB)

8 Passover Traditions.pdf (1 MB)

9 Christ's Passover.pdf (807,1 kB)

10 The Last Supper.pdf (563,6 kB)

11 Feast of Unleavened Bread.pdf (773068)

12 Feast of Firstfruits.pdf (1542955)

14 9TH OF AV.PDF (1075486)




18 EIGHTH DAY.PDF (1654154)

Additional studies:

Purim.pdf (2,9 MB)




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