a journey through God's Word

Traveling God's Word

The thought of a trip, any trip, fills me with excitement and anticipation as I plan what I will need to take along, the route I will travel, and the things that I plan to see. The sense of new things waiting for my discovery and new adventures waiting to be lived begins to consume me as the departure date draws near.

     Even though I have traveled God’s Word before, I am filled with an eager anticipation as I look forward to meeting up again with old friends and favorite places, as well as the expectancy of new and life changing encounters with the Lord that I love.

     On this journey, we will learn bits of foreign tongues. We will examine the ways of cultures unfamiliar to us. We will stop by the work of archaeologists and contemplate the meanings of their finds. We will fill our minds with the places and people of the Bible. But I hope that we will not stop there.   I also aspire for us to travel the pages of God’s revealing words with Spirit eyes that we might encounter our living Lord in a way that changes our hearts and lives. I pray that we don’t study God’s Word that we might collect knowledge that fossilizes the living truths into hard and cold stone, but that we gain fresh new understandings that till the fertile soil of our hearts and brings forth new life. 

for the rest of the introductory study, and more...

a INTRODUCTION.pdf (2,1 MB) 

TGW 1 Gen 1-2.pdf (1,4 MB) 

TGW 2 Gen 3-6.pdf (2 MB) 

TGW 3 Gen 6-11.pdf (4,4 MB) 

TGW 4 Job.pdf (3,3 MB) 

TGW 5 Gen.pdf (3,8 MB) 

TGW 6 Gen 24-36.pdf (4,8 MB) 

TGW 7 Gen.pdf (2,1 MB) 

TGW 8 Exodus 1-10.pdf (1,5 MB)



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