a journey through God's Word

A Sure Foundation

     This year long study is intended to help both the new Christian build a solid foundation for their new faith, as well as deepen, strengthen and challenge the mature Christian.  Sometimes we grow complacent over time and need refreshed with a new look at age old truths, and new ways to incorporate them into our lives. Each month there will be a general topic, memory verse and puzzle page.  Each week there will be worksheets over a more specific aspect of the topic as well as weekly readings that will take us through the entire New Testament, plus a little of the Old. 

SF Intro What do you believe.pdf (1748510)

SF M1 OVERVIEW Who is God.pdf (322193)

SF M1W1 DOES GOD EXIST.pdf (469904)

SF M1W2 God's Creative Genius.pdf (1061729)

SF M1W3 What is God like.pdf (310104)

SF M1W4 The Mystery of God.pdf (565367)


SF M2 OVERVIEW Who is the Holy Spirit.pdf (314352)

SF M2W1 The Ruah of God.pdf (384147)


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