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Jerusalem of the Old Testament

Jerusalem makes world headlines on a daily basis. Everyone has heard of Jerusalem, it has been the happening place for thousands of years. But what makes Jerusalem such a center of attention? Well, it’s a God thing. It is of central importance for three major world religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—together accounting for more than half of the world population. ("Adherents.com") For Jews and Muslims, it is the hotly disputed center of their worship. But for Christians, who are individually and corporately God’s holy dwelling, who are no longer limited to the bounds of town nor temple, ….what is Jerusalem’s importance?

     Jerusalem is important to us because of its importance to God. It is the place that He has chosen as the physical center of His spiritual plans. It is the picture that He has painted for us of what His Presence means to us, and more importantly to Him. It shows how the intricate story unveiled in Scripture has purposes bigger, and more elaborate, than meets the eye. The thread of Jerusalem woven from the beginning through to the end shows us the consistency and constancy of God’s plans for humankind.  

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