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Whenever I look at the few meager accounts of Nicodemus in Scripture, I am challenged to do some self examination.  It is so easy to criticize his nighttime encounter with Jesus.  It seems like a child sneaking a cookie while no one is looking. Yet, I can feel for Nicodemus.  As a Pharisee, and a member of the elite Sanhedrin, he had much to lose by aligning himself with the“enemy”.  It is no wonder that he wanted to make very sure who this Man was before he did anything rash and risky.  It was a far different matter for him than following the family footsteps and expectations into the church.  He would be doing quite the opposite in fact, forsaking a respected career path and ministry, defying the religious institution and authority that was considered to be established by God. He would be sacrificing what had always been his identity and security of salvation.  Everything about his old self would have to die.

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