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Saul 2

Saul has it all: looks, position, and even God’s Spirit. He has been chosen by God to be the king of his people.   But from humble beginnings, hiding among the baggage at his own coronation, Saul begins to become arrogant. While he continues to credit God for his victories, he also starts feeling capable of redefining what obedience to God looks like. In fact, I see in Saul the underlying roots of sin that have caused so many of us to sin, and fall short of the glory of God. It is a subtle, but deadly, shift in attitude. Instead of gratitude to God for what has been done by His power, even through us, we begin to trust in our own wisdom to know, perhaps even better than God, what is best in a given situation. It is a dangerous move, as is all too evident in the life of Saul.


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