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Deborah had every reason to be upset. Instead of living in confident prosperity in the land of milk and honey as God’s chosen people, the Israelites were hiding. Attacked and oppressed by the very nations that they had been promised victory over, they were now paying the price of their disobedience. Small villages had been abandoned and the Israelites had retreated to the safety of the fortified cities. The Israelite’s were out-weaponed, especially in the face of the new iron chariots of their enemies. Rather than risk open travel on dangerous highways, only smaller footpaths were used, seriously hampering trade. God’s people sneaking around fearfully in the land that God had given to them as a promised inheritance! Even worse, this had all come about because the Israelites were failing to recognize the authority of their one and only God and King. Everyone was doing what they thought was right instead of doing what God thought was right. God’s own people were turning to inferior, powerless gods. The theocracy of Israel was failing and the people that Deborah knew and loved were suffering because of it. She had to do whatever she could to help. She had to share her conviction that the way to life was God’s way. She had to speak up and point people the right direction, reminding them of the God who would love and protect them if only they would acknowledge His ways.

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