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Do you ever feel like God has a little too much confidence in you? That He has called you to a task that is much larger than your capabilities? Have you ever questioned whether that was really God talking to you? Have you ever put up a faith filled front that you really didn’t feel?

I really appreciate Gideon’s honesty with God in Judges 6. When the angel of the Lord appears to him, he doesn’t pretend piety, but rather openly expresses his doubts. If God is with the Israelites, why are times so tough? Are the stories of miracles real, or are they just stories? If God really did save Gideon’s ancestors, then where is He now? God’s answer to Gideon is simple; “of course I am with the Israelites, I’m sending you to save them aren’t I?” I don’t know about you, but if my world is falling apart, that is not the answer I want to hear! 


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