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Passover Traditions

     Passover was the event where God “passed over” the thresholds of the blood marked doorways to protectively enter the homes of the Israelites.  This was the occasion where God introduced Himself to His people in a different way.  This was still the Creator God (Elohim)and the Almighty God (Shaddai), but now He was letting His people know that He was also the caring and saving God (YHVH or Yaweh). 

     It is significant, I think, that Passover is celebrated in the intimacy of the home, with the centuries old telling of this revelation of God’s nature.  It is not just the event that is celebrated, but what the event exposed of God and His relationship with His people.  It is the foundation of all of the feasts and for all things Jewish because it is an acknowledgement of God’s love.  We can only receive God’s love if we see it and recognize it.  The Passover Seder is like a rehearsal of God’s love, a reminder of who He is, and what He has done.  To fail to observe Passover is considered the beginning of idolatry.

for more in an overview of Jewish Passover traditions:

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