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Feast of Tabernacles

God’s plan has always been to dwell among His people.  He walked in the Garden with His cherished people until the effects of sin entered their world.  Then He provided a way to dwell among His people in first the tabernacle, then the temple. Yet, sin still stood in the way.  Then, in the most intimate living arrangement yet, He came as one of us.  He came to truly live among us, not as fire, or cloud.  Not separated by a veil in the temple.  But as a human like us.

     In John 1 :14, Scripture says that “the Word became flesh , and dwelt among us…” Dwelt, Greek skenoo, to tent, encamp or reside. His tent parked right next to ours in this wilderness that is only our temporary home.  Derived from Scriptural clues about the timing of Zechariah’s service in the temple, and therefore the timing of John’s birth, which leads to a good guess about the time of year of the birth of Jesus…..the season in which the Word became flesh to dwell among us was quite likely during the Feast of Tabernacles!

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