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The First Passover

Passover, or pesach, was a hint, or picture given by God of even greater things that He had in store for His people.  Every aspect of this initial festival had a meaning that would not be revealed until the coming of Christ.  I think, that while we will not fully understand Christ while in our earthly bodies, we can have a much greater understanding by understanding Passover.

     Have you ever given your child a toy at Christmas only to open it up and find that it is actually a box full of pieces?  It is all there, you have every thing you need, but it will not be fully enjoyed until it has been put together.  So you pull out the instructions, and if you are like me, you hope that there are pictures and diagrams along with the words.  The meaningless pile of pieces begin to take shape as you work through the pictures.

     That, I believe, is what God has done for us with Passover, and with the other festivals.  We have a picture to help us put together the present meaning and reality of Christ.  God wanted to ensure that Passover would be continued because it serves to explain Christ.  God designed it to explain Christ. So, on to the picture of the first Passover...

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