a journey through God's Word

Month 5


     There are many things that we can do to improve our relationship with God, just as there is in any relationship.  God has given us His living words in the form of the Bible that we might know Him better.  He has given us the avenue of prayer in order to communicate with Him.  He has given us indication of His Presence all around us. But the first thing that I think we need to recognize is that God gave us a need and desire for Him when He created us as spiritual beings in His image.  Yes, we have physical bodies, and live in a physical world.  But at the same time, right now, we are spiritual beings created in God’s image and living in the spiritual realm.  We are unique among God’s creation, created for more than meets the eye. We aren’t just trapped in the physical world waiting until we get to heaven for our spiritual life to become the reality.  The spiritual reality of God and our spiritual selves in communion with Him is a reality right here and now….if we can open our eyes to see it.

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