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Month 1 - WHO IS GOD

Whatever we think is the answer to the question “Who is God?” will have a determining affect on who we are.   Whether or not we think God is real is only the beginning.  Roughly a third of the world population says they think God is real, and a much higher percentage of those in the US, but many of those people see Him as a far removed deity that has little to do with their daily lives.  Some see Him as an angry judge ready to condemn them, while others don’t believe their loving God would never send anyone to hell.  Others of us see God as a being that can be defined and controlled like a genie in a bottle.

How would you describe your view of God? 

SF M1 OVERVIEW Who is God.pdf (314,6 kB)

SF M1W1 DOES GOD EXIST.pdf (458,9 kB)

SF M1W2 God's Creative Genius.pdf (1 MB)

SF M1W3 What is God like.pdf (302,8 kB)

SF M1W4 The Mystery of God.pdf (552,1 kB)


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