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Month 2 Who is the Holy Spirit?

     We cannot really know God without knowing His Spirit.  The Spirit is  given distinct recognition, yet is a part of God, an expression of Him; like knowing His character or integrity or personality.  The Spirit is not an it, but a He because the Spirit is God, the very breath of Him.  To treat Him as anything less is a blasphemy that we are strongly warned against.

     Yet often we treat the Spirit as a third and not totally necessary wheel.  We aren’t sure what to do with Him.  We fear incorporating Him into an active role in our life because we dare not be confused with those groups that we consider too charismatic.  We secretly fear what He may call us to, or think that He would somehow chose to deceive us.  We are much more comfortable trusting in God’s written word than we are in His very breath of life, yet God writes to us over and over of the essence of His Spirit as central to a saving, transforming relationship with Him.  

SF M2 OVERVIEW Who is the Holy Spirit.pdf (307 kB)

SF M2W1 The Ruah of God.pdf (375,1 kB)

SF M2W2 The Presence and Purpose of the Holy Spirit.pdf (328328)

SF M2W3 Mystery and Misconception about the Spirit.pdf (641475)  

SF M2W4 The Spirit in Me.pdf (1,2 MB)


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