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     Studies show that the majority of Americans believe the events and stories of the Bible to be true, but don’t necessarily incorporate that truth into their behavior or decision making.  What good are truths that don’t affect us?  Do we even know what truths we really believe?  Are we able to give others an answer for the hope that lies in us?  Can they see the hope?  Is your solid footing borrowed from the Christians around you, or is it your own life encompassing faith?  What do you believe? What are you building on?

     Think of the deluge of questions that have flooded our culture recently.  Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?  Did He father a child?  Were His bones discovered in His family’s tomb?  Or, perhaps the questions come from within. How could God let my marriage fail?  Why does He allow such suffering?  Is your foundation strong enough to not only hold your faith fast, but also to help others know the truth?  Do you have an answer for what you believe?  Do you know when it is a dispute worth entering?  Is there enough that you know with total assurance to carry you through the things that you don’t yet understand?  Is your foundation strong enough to make you comfortable with growth inducing doubt?

     This year long study is intended to help both the new Christian build a solid foundation for their new faith, as well as deepen, strengthen and challenge the mature Christian.  Sometimes we grow complacent over time and need refreshed with a new look at age old truths, and new ways to incorporate them into our lives. Each month there will be a general topic, memory verse and puzzle page.  Each week there will be worksheets over a more specific aspect of the topic as well as weekly readings that will take us through the entire New Testament, plus a little of the Old. 

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